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Streamlining The Probate Administration Process

It can be difficult to think about the end of our lives, or those of a loved one. But without proper estate planning, those left behind when someone dies can be faced with the responsibility of administering their estate without guidance in the form of a will or trust. Even if you have decided to proactively implement end-of-life planning for yourself or you have been named as the executor or administrator of the estate of a friend or loved one, you want an attorney with the full understanding of the processes by which estates are settled. Taking these steps avoids problems such as:

  • Will contests that challenge the document’s validity
  • Will disputes over the amount or kind of property or assets designated for each heir
  • Trust contests that dispute the property or assets placed in the trust

The law firm of Donald F. Campbell, Sr. & Associates, founded in 1970, has helped clients with probate administration for decades. We help clients understand their responsibilities as an estate administrator or executor. We explain the court process New Jersey stipulates for probate. And we explain the most efficient and cost-effective ways of navigating the probate process.

The New Jersey Probate Process At A Glance

In our estate administration practice, we work with uncontested estates only. If you have been named as an executor or personal representative of the estate of a loved one, we can help you successfully settle the estate by taking the will to the surrogate court. This court is overseen by a surrogate, an elected judicial official who handles the probating of wills and the administration of estates.

Provided the estate is not contested, a simple process is applied. The will and the witnesses are confirmed. If the appropriate documents are filed, the assets will be distributed according to the will, the last debts and taxes will be paid, and the estate will be closed.

In most instances, where the will is uncontested, the surrogate will handle all matters related to the settlement of the estate and the process will be completed in about a year. If difficulties arise, though, our firm can provide a higher level of service to ensure that your interests are protected while your probate case is still open.

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