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Jackson Guardianship Lawyers

As developmentally disabled children reach age 18, their parents are placed in a difficult position. The parents may wish to continue to care for their child, but by law, they are no longer allowed to do so without obtaining legal permission in the form of a guardianship. Campbell & Pruchnik, LLC, in Jackson, New Jersey, helps clients overcome this obstacle. We advise and assist parents of developmentally disabled adult children to obtain guardianships, which can enable them to continue to provide personal and financial support, and make decisions on behalf of their adult disabled children indefinitely. The firm also obtains guardianships for adult children and spouses of incapacitated loved ones. By doing so, we empower these clients to make decisions about the care and welfare of their loved ones. Common situations that lead to guardianships of adults include:
  • Brain injuries
  • Stroke injuries
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Lou Gehrig’s disease

Obtaining a guardianship is a serious matter. The proposed guardian must be willing to take on all responsibility for the ward’s financial and personal well-being, similar to the duties a parent owes a minor child.

For the ward, a guardianship is also serious. By having a guardian, he or she will no longer be in charge of his or her affairs. If the person is either willing to accept a guardianship or is completely incapacitated, this process may go smoothly. A guardianship in New Jersey may be acquired in as little as two months.

If the person expresses a desire to remain in charge of his or her affairs, the proposed guardian may need to prove to the court that the person in question is incompetent. This can be a painful and hurtful process if the proposed ward is unready or unwilling to cede responsibilities to a guardian.

Our Experienced Guardianship Lawyer Will Guide You

Our Jackson guardianship attorney, Laura Campbell Shroba, is experienced in obtaining guardianships, and is sensitive to the needs of both proposed guardians and the disabled adults they intend to care for. Since 1991, she has been frequently appointed by the courts of both Ocean and Monmouth counties to serve as a guardian of person and property in guardianship cases. She works hard to balance her clients’ needs with the realities they face in caring for their loved ones.

Because financial considerations are always paramount in guardianship cases, our lawyer can also help you set up a special needs trust to enable you to provide for your loved one without risking his or her access to government services.

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