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Living Wills
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The Living Will: Your Voice If Unable To Communicate

One day, if you are incapacitated and cannot speak up for your own wishes, a living will can communicate those wishes for you. A living will, or health care directive, can be used to set limits to the extent of health care you receive if you become incapacitated or near death.

Make sure that you have a plan that compliments your personal values and preferences. Work with a reliable attorney who can guide you with honesty and compassion. Based in Jackson, Campbell & Pruchnik, LLC, is ready to help you create a living will and update it as your medical status and preferences change.

A Living Will Reflects Your Personal Choices

A few things that you can specify in a living will include:

  • Whether you would like resuscitation in certain situations
  • Whether you prefer to treat infections and illness at end of life or allow them to progress naturally
  • Restrictions or permission for hospital care, such as use of dialysis, tube feeding or other health care options
  • Your choices regarding ancillary treatment that decreases pain and suffering
  • Organ, tissue and body donation decisions

A living will is not the same as a normal will, which only applies after death. On the other hand, a living will applies in life — in certain conditions. Typically, a person’s living will only affects medical decisions while comatose, near the very end of life or otherwise incapacitated.

How A Living Will Can Also Help Your Family

A living will can be a gift to your children or spouse because it removes the responsibility for them to decide when to “let go” at the end of your life. By eliminating the guesswork ahead of time and putting your decisions in writing, you can prevent the stress and guilt that many families face when choosing care options. Instead, your family can focus on their grief without extra challenges.

Consult With Campbell & Pruchnik, LLC

We understand that these decisions are highly personal, and we respect the choices that you make. Our job is to assist you with the legal aspects of forming your living will. Call 732-994-6092 or email us to speak with a skilled New Jersey estate planning lawyer.