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Estate Planning FAQ
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Estate Planning FAQ

Many people do not know much about estate planning, much less where or when to start with it. We at Campbell & Pruchnik, LLC, want to help answer some questions that can get you started on the right foot.

Why Do I Need To Plan My Estate?

Estate planning is the process of making plans to transfer your property and/or money that you own to other people or groups after you have passed on. Doing this may need you to draft a will, but it can also help you avoid probate. Without a will, the fate of your estate will be made by the state.

Why Do I Want To Avoid Probate?

Probate is the process in which the state distributes the estate of a deceased person based on their last will and testament. While this seems like a way for the government to handle everything for you, this process is commonly the worst option to rely on. Probate often takes much longer to settle, costs the beneficiaries considerably in both time and money, and you also risk the state not upholding your final wishes by using an earlier draft of your will.

Why Do I Need A Power Of Attorney?

A power of attorney can make serious decisions on your behalf when you are not able, either for passing away or through serious medical conditions. When you appoint someone as your power of attorney, you are choosing someone to make health and financial decisions for you to uphold your best interests.

Why Should I Get An Attorney For My Estate Planning?

An experienced attorney can help you consider everything about your estate, not just your home and your money. We can help make sure that you not only have planned for every aspect of your estate, but also that the documents involving these wishes are legally binding, and will be used in the event of your passing.

Begin Planning For Tomorrow, Now

If you are in the Jackson area, you can call one of our New Jersey attorneys to make sure you have accounted for your future. Call 732-994-6092 or email our office to schedule an initial consultation to begin ensuring the best for your friends and loved ones after your passing.