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Estate planning and family disagreement

Handling estate planning matters can be hard for different reasons, but some people have an especially difficult time when it comes to setting up an estate plan. For example, some people have a lot of uncertainty over how to distribute their assets, and some may worry about how their decisions will affect those they love. In some families, there is a lot of drama and disagreement, such as sibling rivalries and estranged family members, and it can be particularly hard to approach an estate plan in this environment. However, it is especially vital to make sure that your estate is set up properly if you are facing these difficulties in your own family.

Changing the executor of an estate

You may have numerous challenges in front of you if you are creating or revising an estate plan. For example, you might have a plethora of options to choose from and you could be unsure of what is best for you and those you love. Or, perhaps you are not familiar with how some aspect of the process works and you are worried about taking on additional responsibilities. For example, you may believe that someone you have decided to name as the executor of your estate is no longer capable of carrying out these responsibilities, or you may choose to change the executor for some other reason.

Removing your former spouse from your estate plan

We know how difficult ending your marriage can be, and some people have an especially difficult time during and after the process of divorce. For example, those who have a high net worth may face significant financial hurdles and parents may have a hard time as a result of legal issues related to their kids (child support, custody and so on). There are many things to take into consideration once your marriage has come to an end and some people may forget to think about all of the different ways in which their life will change after divorce. For example, some people may have an estate plan which includes their former spouse and it is vital to revise your estate plan after a divorce for a number of reasons.

Deciding whether you should set up an estate plan

When it comes to estate planning, there are a plethora of decisions one may have to make. For example, there are a variety of options with respect to estate plans, whether someone decides to set up a trust or feels that a will suits their needs better. Outside of deciding which estate plan will work best, many other decisions may have to be made, and they can be tough. For example, someone may have no idea how to distribute their assets among those they love, or they may not even know if it is the right time to create an estate plan altogether.

Should I write my own will?

If you’re creating an estate plan in New Jersey, you may be considering writing your own will. Some people think creating a will on their own can help save money, especially if they believe the needs of their estate are simple. While you can write your own will, doing so has quite a few downsides. The Balance offers the following information.

Creating a will shortly before death

Setting up an estate plan earlier in life can be advantageous for many reasons and gives people time to prepare. Some, however, do not have this option as they have waited for too long or recently discovered that an unexpected medical crisis has given them little time to live. For example, someone may have found out that they have terminal cancer and will probably not be able to live for much longer. This can be very overwhelming for a number of reasons, but those who have found out that their lives will probably end soon should take steps to help their loved ones during this difficult time.

Adoption and your estate plan

Ending a marriage is one reason why many people choose to revise their estate plans, but there are other circumstances in which someone may find that it is necessary to make changes to their estate plan. For example, someone may adopt their spouse’s child after entering a new marriage, or they may adopt a child because they are unable to have kids with someone they have been married to for years. Either way, adoption can necessitate estate plan revision and it is pivotal to cover every base in this regard.

New Year's resolutions and estate planning

With the new year around the corner, many people have resolutions to eat healthier or change their lives in other positive ways. Often, these resolutions fail and people find themselves falling back into their bad habits. However, setting up an estate plan or going over an estate plan that needs revision is an excellent resolution and one that many people can easily keep. This resolution may not only be beneficial for you and your estate, but it could be very helpful for your loved ones as well.

The importance of estate plans for blended families

Plenty of people in New Jersey get married after previously getting divorced or having experienced the death of a spouse. While a new marriage and future can and should be something to celebrate, these situations do often raise unique issues that should be addressed by both parties up front. These issues pertain to plans for each partner's assets and debts after they die.

Lottery winners and estate plans

Recently, an incredible amount of attention has focused on a massive lottery jackpot that was distributed to two lucky winners. Winning the lottery is a life-changing experience and it can be overwhelming. If you have recently won the lottery or acquired a massive amount of unexpected wealth due to some other type of gambling, it is extremely important to handle your finances properly and prepare for the future. For example, you may want to set up an estate plan to ensure that your assets will be protected. Unfortunately, some people disregard these considerations, which can be a costly mistake.


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