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When a simple will works

When a simple will works

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Simple Wills

Creating an estate plan in New Jersey is a crucial part of becoming an adult. Experts recommend that a person should draft a will once he or she acquires property or starts to collect assets.

A will is a directive triggered by death. It lists where the deceased wishes his or her personal property to go. Drafting a will can become a complicated event, but it can also remain on the easy or straightforward side. The staff at Campbell & Pruchnik, LLC, want to offer you some options for making your estate planning work best for your situation. Take a look at why a simple will may do the job for you.

Few personal possessions 

You may own property and have a nice income, but you do not necessarily own many personal effects. Perhaps you own a home and what is in it, which is modest. However, you should still delineate who gets what upon your death. It not only is responsible, but it will save your heirs time in court.

Spouses leave things to each other

No one said drafting a will had to take an outrageous amount of time or effort. Even a married couple with children may still utilize a simple will format if their wishes remain the same. For example, in a simple will, spouses may choose the surviving spouse to inherit, or if both spouses pass, they may pass everything on to a child.

When coming up with an estate plan, it is a good idea to do your homework on what type of documents you should include. Continue to educate yourself on all facets of estate planning on our website.

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