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Recognizing the need for an estate plan for your family

Recognizing the need for an estate plan for your family

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Firm News

When you hear that your friends and other family members have provisions in place in preparation for their future, you may question whether or not it is an appropriate time for you to begin planning your own estate. At Campbell & Pruchnik, LLC, we have been able to provide insightful help for multiple New Jersey families who are learning the value of having an estate plan. 

Because planning an estate may seem overwhelming or unnecessary, you may struggle to see the value in establishing a plan for your family. However, starting to think about your future and put plans in place can provide many valuable benefits including confidence, preparedness for the unexpected and direction for surviving family members if something were to happen to you. 

According to Fidelity, there is never such a thing as too early of a time to start planning your estate. Beginning to coordinate an estate plan is imperative for you and your family if any of the following conditions apply: 

  • If you are concerned about your privacy and who will have access to confidential information if something happens to you or you become incapacitated.  
  • If you have special circumstances in your life including disabled family members or stepchildren for example.  
  • If you and your spouse have children at all and are concerned about who will care for them if something were to happen to both of you.  
  • If you have significant assets or multiple properties that you wish to protect.  

When you understand the value of an estate plan and how it can contribute to helping you adequately prepare for a successful future, you may be more willing to begin planning right away. For more information, if you need help getting started on estate planning, visit our web page. 

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