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Creating a will shortly before death

Setting up an estate plan earlier in life can be advantageous for many reasons and gives people time to prepare. Some, however, do not have this option as they have waited for too long or recently discovered that an unexpected medical crisis has given them little time to live. For example, someone may have found out that they have terminal cancer and will probably not be able to live for much longer. This can be very overwhelming for a number of reasons, but those who have found out that their lives will probably end soon should take steps to help their loved ones during this difficult time.

Setting up a will can offer a number of benefits, such as making it easier for family members to deal with a loved one's property after they pass on. By doing so, people can ensure that their assets are split up as they wish and that the right person is selected to take on these responsibilities. If you have received this devastating news, you may be very upset and unsure of what to do next. Our law firm realizes that this can be an incredibly emotional, painful experience, and you may find that creating a will provides you with some peace.

Even though people may feel as if they do not have very much time to live, it is important to carefully work through the process of setting up a will. We discuss other issues that are related to this topic on our website.

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