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Selecting an executor for your estate plan

When it comes to your estate plan, many questions may arise, such as how to distribute what you own between those you love and which type of trust makes the most sense. However, selecting an executor can be particularly tough and it is important to consider your options and find the right person. There are a number of tips you may want to keep in mind as you move forward and it is vital to thoroughly think things through before settling on a decision. That said, our law office fully understands how complex this choice can be.

Wills & religious requirements

There is nothing more purposeful and beautiful than to have your last act on earth as an expression of your faith. Many people are guiding by the teachings of their religion when planning their estate. Jewish law, as an example, has some very specific requirements for a will to be properly Halachic.

Deciding between a will or a trust

Many different challenges related to estate planning can arise, such as finding someone to take on the responsibilities of being an executor to replacing an executor in the wake of a divorce. Some people are better-suited for a trust, while it makes more sense for others to move forward with a will. There are many differences between the two and each has their own set of advantages. Even though this can be a difficult decision for people who are facing certain circumstances, it is excellent that people understand the importance of carefully going over all estate options before settling on a particular plan. After all, there are a number of options when it comes to estate plans.

Talking to your spouse about your will

Many different challenges can arise with respect to estate planning and the execution of an estate plan, some of which involve may court or difficulty due to so many options (comparing trusts, for example). However, even if you have decided which type of estate plan will work out best for you, you could face a variety of difficulties. For example, if you have decided to set up a will, you may have questions related to the way in which you want your assets split up among beneficiaries, or who to name as the executor of your will.

Sibling rivalries and estate planning

Estate planning can be challenging for a multitude of reasons, whether you are unsure of who to name as the executor of your estate or you cannot decide which type of trust will best suit your individual needs. However, there are other complications that may arise within a family, such as sibling rivalries over estate matters. There are many different causes of bitterness and disagreement between siblings when it comes to trusts and wills, whether they do not agree with the way in which property was distributed or responsibilities were assigned. For example, multiple siblings may want to serve as the executor of an estate.


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