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4 things to put in your will

Even though people are living longer in today's world, there is always a chance that life will end when you least expect it. Those who are prepared have a will to ensure that their assets and possessions go where they want them to go. The first part of planning an estate is preparing a will, and what is included in that will is some of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime.

Is It Time to Re-Visit Your Will?

Any time either you or your family members have a major life change, you should consider a will update.  These include (but are not limited to) the birth/adoption of a new child, major relationship changes, a death of a family member or beneficiary, changes in federal or Estate Tax laws, changes to the disbursement of your estate or substantial changes in the value of your estate.

What is a QTIP trust and do I need one?

No two estate plans are ever the same. At least that's what most estate planning experts will tell you. That's because an estate plan should be as unique as the individual drafting it. It should really reflect a person's life events - such as having children or remarriage - and what they want to happen to their estate when they pass.


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