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Do I Need A Trust?

For years now, trusts have been a hot topic on news programs and in magazines. At Campbell & Pruchnik, LLC, in Jackson, New Jersey, we believe the value of exotic and complicated trusts to be of little value to most people. Unless you own an extremely large estate, the complications and expense of establishing many trusts outweigh any benefits they can provide.

This does not mean most people cannot benefit from any kind of trust. If you have a child who is younger than 18 years old, a minor trust may be a simple, inexpensive and effective way for you to protect money to be used for your child's education, living expenses and other needs if you become incapacitated or die.

Likewise, if you have a child with special needs or a spouse who has become incapacitated or disabled, it may be wise to establish a special needs trust for his or her benefit.

Trusts like these can protect, preserve and reserve money for specific purposes, without requiring extensive and expensive involvement by an attorney. Our experienced Jackson trust lawyers can help you create and maintain a minor trust, special needs trust or to implement any of the other cost-effective planning tools listed below.

Other Useful Tools: Simple Wills, Powers Of Attorney And Living Wills

  • Simple wills. We are big fans of using simple wills and trusts to obtain our clients' goals. Simple wills are inexpensive. When desired, or when circumstances are more complex, we offer our cost-conscious assistance in these matters through individual and packaged plans.
  • Powers of attorney. You may designate individuals to complete specific tasks on your behalf if you become unable to complete those tasks yourself. These tasks, assigned through powers of attorney, designate representatives to pay your bills, ensuring your basic needs are met, and make decisions on your behalf regarding money, living arrangements and health care. Powers of attorney can be used to establish an executor for your will or guardian to supervise your finances and health care if you become incapacitated or are no longer able to make decisions for yourself.
  • Living wills. A living will or health care directive can be used to set limits to the extent of health care you receive if you become incapacitated or near death. A living will can be a gift to your children because it removes the responsibility for them to decide when to "let go" at the end of your life.
  • Trusts. If you own significant assets and can benefit from one of the many, more complicated trusts allowed by law, we can guide you through the process of creating and maintaining revocable, irrevocable, testamentary and living trusts. As part of a comprehensive elder law plan, a living trust can help you better use your assets while you are alive, not just after your death.

We'll Guide You With The Right Answers

No matter how simple or complex your personal and financial circumstances may be, you can count on being treated fairly and honestly. Our Jackson wills and trusts attorneys are ready to answer your questions and discuss your concerns about a simple will, power of attorney, trust or other estate planning vehicle.

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